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Thursday, December 17, 2009

WordPress unsuspends my blog!

Just when I was done setting up this blog, my old WordPress blog was unsuspended:

WordPress suspends my blog

Dave, I don't know how else to
put this, but it just happens to be
an unalterable fact that I am
incapable of being wrong.

WordPress has suspended my blog - without warning, without telling me why. They just did it. I am trying to get it unsuspended, but in the meantime I will continue my blogging here at good old Blogspot.

If WordPress unsuspends my blog, then in the short term I will copy the posts I write here back to WordPress. But longer term, no matter how this shakes out, I will have to do like Wildflower and get independently hosted. I cannot leave myself at the mercy of WordPress or even good old Blogspot.

I do not know why it was suspended. All they said was that I violated their Terms of Service - but how?

My three best guesses listed from most likely to least:
  1. The suspension took place at the very moment I was pulling out a comment with a ton of links from the spam filter. A ton of links is a sign of spam, but this one was from a known commenter (Nita). At that point, though, some WordPress computer may have seen my blog as a source of spam and shut me down. Better safe than sorry: if it is a mistake, the humans will sort it out later.
  2. That picture of Beau Latasha. The photographer of that picture got Scientist George to shut down his blog that very morning. He may have complained to WordPress about me too. There is a form for that. That picture had disappeared twice from my blog the day before. (Most photographers, though, just email me and ask me to take down the picture. I have no earthly reason to refuse such a request.)
  3. Perhaps WordPress has been getting too many complaints about me from white racist commenters and they just got fed up with having to look into them all the time.
You are not supposed to have "calls to violence" on your blog. One commenter last week thought I was calling for the genocide of white people. I would never do such a thing - it would only lead to a much worse genocide of blacks. But it would hardly be the first time a white person misread a post of mine.

I did use the word "strap-on" in my last post, but WordPress hosts blogs like Black Kinky and Proud which are outright porn, so that is not it.

If it is the first one, then my chances of getting unsuspended are good.

If it is the third one, that would be the worst since that goes against free speech. And, since I mainly spoke against white people, what would that say?

If they do not unsuspend me then most of what I wrote is lost. It will be like Japan after the Second World War.

NOTE: If you have copies of any of my old posts or know of copies online, please tell me!! I want to reconstruct as much of my old blog as I can if WordPress does not see the light.

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